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Buy Google Negative Reviews


What’s more important to your business than reviews? Well, nothing really! Especially in the case of small businesses who don’t have the budget to spend on ads, knowing that you have satisfied customers out there spreading the word about your business can be crucial to your success. So when you have a negative review show up and ruin all of that hard work, what do you do? Don’t worry, there are plenty of ways you can combat negative reviews on Google, most of which don’t even involve trying to remove the review itself!


Why it makes sense to buy Google negative reviews

If you own a business, one of your biggest challenges is figuring out how to draw more customers to your site. One tried-and-true strategy is to spend some time and money building positive reviews on sites like Yelp or Merchant Circle. But if you’re selling a competitive service, it can be a challenge to generate reviews on third-party sites, so you have to look for other ways—including buying negative reviews from Google. Be aware that many companies will flat out refuse requests for negative reviews; however, if you follow these steps below, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to find an online review company that has no problem taking your cash in exchange for bad press about one of your competitors. The best way to get Google negative reviews: If you want to buy google negative reviews, first do a little research into your industry. Are there any brands with major reputations? What are they known for? How does your brand compare? You may be surprised at what kind of feedback you receive when potential clients hear about all of your accolades. When looking into how to buy google negative reviews, take a look at what kind of branding message each competitor is sending their audience through their website copy and imagery. Does their site give off a warm welcome feeling or does it seem cold and callous? Are they listing all kinds of features but not saying anything about who they are as people? Or maybe they just aren’t doing anything to differentiate themselves from their competition. These are all things you need to think about before hiring a review writing company to write negative reviews for your competitor’s site. Make sure that whoever writes your negative reviews knows exactly what you’re trying to accomplish and why you’re trying to accomplish it. It’s also important that whoever writes your negative reviews understands exactly what makes up a credible source of information on the internet. Your reputation is on the line here, so make sure everything looks professional and legitimate!


The short list of why people buy negative reviews

  1. Want to sabotage a competitor’s business.
  2. Want to paint a better picture of their own product by suggesting that other products are poor.
  3. Some sellers buy negative reviews to help keep out competitors in an industry where there are few (if any) barriers to entry – in other words, a Wild West situation! Generally speaking, it’s not legal for companies or individuals to buy or sell reviews on sites like Amazon and Yelp, but some third-party services have found ways around that pesky problem by enabling sellers and buyers to connect without ever meeting face-to-face—at least not until after they’ve consummated their deal online. It’s all very cloak-and-dagger.


How can you get your competitor’s site removed from the search results?

A negative review, if published on a prominent website or placed in a search engine, can do irreparable damage to your business. You should not only buy google negative reviews but you should also buy fake reviews and buy bad reviews. Get your competitor’s site removed from all major search engines so they don’t get any new customers through search. The most obvious way to do it is by contacting their webmaster and complaining about them as much as possible. If that doesn’t work either then buy google negative reviews for competitors, buy fake reviews for competitors and buy bad reviews for competitors.


How To Eliminate Bad Reviews From The Internet

First of all, you need to know that getting rid of bad reviews from google is not an easy thing. If your competitor has multiple pages and more than one product then it will take a lot of time to remove these negative reviews on each page. The following ways can help you to get rid of some of those bad reviews for your business. So read them carefully and follow them properly if you really want to do something about your problem with google reviews . These methods are also applicable for both small businesses as well as big companies. All these methods are tested by many people and they have proved very effective in removing some of those bad reviews from your competitors.

Now let’s discuss how you can eliminate bad reviews from google search results:


Why do businesses need fake reviews?

Although there’s a lot of controversy about fake reviews, it’s likely that you’ve seen them in action before. A business might get five-star ratings on their social media pages, but if those don’t affect their overall search engine rankings, they might decide to seek other avenues for improving their online credibility. Before you consider buying reviews, make sure your business is compliant with relevant regulations and laws; while some jurisdictions may not prohibit buying or selling reviews outright, others may consider it a deceptive trade practice. If you feel as though it would be beneficial to your organization—and that you can do so ethically—then follow these steps to get started with creating an effective marketing strategy centered around fake reviews.


What happens if I get caught?

So you’ve decided to buy negative reviews for your business—but what happens if you get caught? You don’t want to ruin your reputation, or worse yet, get sued. The truth is that search engines have their own ways of detecting fake reviews. Some signs they use are an extremely high ratio of reviews compared to trusted profiles and a large number of reviews posted within a short period of time. If you do buy negative reviews and get caught, expect penalties from both Google and the review service you used. For example, Google might temporarily block your website from appearing in search results. And if you used a third-party company to buy your bad reviews, it could lose its credibility with other customers and be forced out of business altogether.  These potential consequences should make you think twice about buying fake reviews. Instead, focus on building trust with your target audience by providing quality products and services. It may take longer than buying some cheap online raves, but in the long run, it will pay off big time!


What are the best practices to avoid getting penalized?

There are some simple best practices that can help you avoid getting penalized by Google. If you have done a review or even read through them, you’ll see that there are common threads amongst most of them; for example, ensuring your site is legitimate and not stuffed with spam links, having great user experience (your content should be easily readable), having an excellent domain authority to combat any negative SEO if need be and more. While these elements are very important in avoiding a penalty, they’re also very important in building a great SEO presence so it really isn’t just about avoiding penalties. Ultimately, you should incorporate all of these best practices into your current SEO strategy regardless of whether or not you feel like it could get you penalized at some point.


What are some ways of buying negative reviews?

There are a few methods for purchasing negative reviews from your competitors. One is to simply buy their site and write a load of positive reviews. The next, more expensive method involves planting an employee on your competitor’s team, getting that employee to give you access to their Google Places dashboard and then writing your own review through that dashboard. This second approach can be quite costly, but it is far more efficient than buying someone else’s site outright. You will be able to leave as many reviews as you want within a very short amount of time with little chance of getting caught by your competition.


How to buy competitor’s bad review

If you are looking to sabotage a competitor’s reputation or get a bad review posted on them (that you didn’t want to pay for), then Google My Business is your best friend. There, you can create a profile and leave reviews of your competitors. You could even make it seem like another customer that shops there gave them poor reviews, by creating an account and leaving 1-star reviews on other businesses similar to your competitor. The goal here is to get Google involved in your dirty work and use their search engine results page (SERP) against their competition! To be honest with you, I have no idea if what I said will actually work but if it doesn’t cost me any money then why not give it a shot?



How will my order be processed?

Placing an order with us is easy! Just head to our website and choose your desired package and enter your contact information in our contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible with a quote for your project. After you confirm, we’ll immediately start working on your campaign and send you a list of all reviews before posting them to ensure quality. Since we have lots of packages available, we won’t be able to start working on it until you’ve paid for it in full; however, once payment is received, we’ll begin work right away! In about 2-4 weeks after posting all of your negative reviews (depending on total quantity ordered), they should begin showing up in Google search results.


How much will it cost?

Every company has different factors that go into how much it costs to purchase negative reviews. The main factor is what a review will be used for. For example, if you want a review on your competitor’s page, it will cost you more than if you wanted a review on your own website. Prices also vary depending on who writes them and where they are written. The way Google treats these types of reviews can make or break your campaign too.


How long will it take?

It depends. Depending on your search engine rankings, a few days to a few weeks. The price is dependent on your rankings and reputation, so ask for an estimate from any company you’re considering. Expect to pay between $500 and $1,000 per review. Know that some SEO companies don’t offer negative reviews; make sure you get detailed information about their services before hiring them. At first glance, you might be thinking that seems like a scam! But it isn’t — it’s completely legal. Keep in mind that reviews can have positive or negative comments — they just can’t be spammy or too promotional.


Why Buy Negative Google Reviews from us?


There are many reasons why you might want to buy negative google reviews from us, here’s some of them


Helpful For Businesses

While most businesses focus on earning positive reviews and driving customers to their product, it is important for businesses to understand that there is a place for negative reviews too. While these may seem off-putting initially, if handled correctly, they can help your business grow exponentially. So why buy negative google reviews? Here are a few reasons ● It shows you’re not afraid of criticism: When you get negative feedback online, it sends a clear message to your clients—you’re not afraid of criticism or honest feedback. This also indicates that you want your clients to speak up about any issues or concerns so that you can work towards improving yourself as a brand and keep providing better products or services in future. A client who knows he will be heard out rather than ignored will feel more confident in doing business with you again.


Value For Money

Getting a lot of bad reviews on your site can really damage your reputation and hurt your business. By buying a cheap negative review, you can easily neutralize any bad online buzz around your company. At  eMarketing Solutions, we’ve gotten great results by posting fake negative reviews on our clients’ behalf. All of our fake bad reviews look natural and readers trust that they’re seeing authentic feedback. It also gives us an opportunity to remind people that there are lots of happy customers out there who would probably prefer not to give their praise for free!


High-Quality Service

Our service provides 100% real and high-quality negative Google reviews. Our employees are professional writers, editors and reviewers; they are highly trained and skillful for writing Google reviews. We will provide you with positive reviews that have passed a multiple filter system, giving your business a great rating. So there is no chance to get suspended by google. Not only do we write fake Google Reviews, but we also provide our customers with Free re-write services if they are not satisfied with their orders at first glance. It’s important to note that all of our work is not just in English – we can write in any language you need!


Fast Response Time

We aim to reply to your inquiry within 24 hours. If you are in a hurry or just want a quick response, please contact us directly through our online chat system. We can give you an instant answer and offer an immediate solution to your problem. Don’t worry about being shy! Our staffs are trained not only on how to help customers with writing reviews, but also on how to communicate with them politely and professionally. So if you have any questions about our service or our company, do not hesitate to ask! We will go out of our way to accommodate your needs and make sure that each customer is treated fairly and has no unanswered questions before, during, or after their purchase.


Guaranteed Results

From fake websites to fake reviews, there are many tricks that spammers use to take advantage of those looking for negative Google reviews. But we want you to know that if you choose our company, you won’t need to worry about dealing with scammers. We don’t use bait-and-switch tactics and we work hard to provide you with exactly what we promise: a negative review that no one will suspect is fake! Our reviews have been shown in independent tests to rank high on Google, and with our money back guarantee it’s a win-win situation. That’s why we believe you should buy negative google reviews from us today!


Many happy customers

See for yourself, by reading some of our positive and negative reviews on Google and check out what people are saying about our company. Unlike most companies in our industry, we take a no-nonsense approach and offer more authentic reviews as well as numerous positive testimonials. Most importantly, every one of our customers is protected with a money-back guarantee that ensures you’ll never be scammed by any fake Google reviews service. If you ever have problems with your website rankings, or if your site gets penalized by Google—we’ll refund your money! So what are you waiting for? Get started today… contact us today to get started with services.



We offer reliable service so you don’t have to worry about Google catching onto your fraud and suspending your account. We offer a variety of packages to choose from. Some even come with a money-back guarantee so that if something goes wrong with your review, we’ll give you your money back. So why risk it? Buy reviews from us and be on your way to success!


To get started, call now and get a quote from one of our agents!



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