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Buy Bad Reviews on Google Aren’t Always a Bad Thing – Here’s Why You Should Buy Them on Google


If you’re launching a new business or product, one of the best ways to build up online presence and reputation is through good reviews on Google. Good reviews can drive traffic and boost sales, but getting them organically can be difficult – especially if you’re in an industry that has competitors or simply doesn’t see as much organic traffic from search engines as others do. If you want to get more Google reviews, and you don’t want to go through the hassle of racking up great ratings naturally, buying bad reviews on Google might be your best bet. Here’s why.


Do you know what the bad reviews are really saying?

If you take away one thing from this post, let it be that negative reviews are often a great thing. Of course, I don’t mean great in that they feel good to get, but rather in that they can help you and your business improve. A lot of people think all bad reviews should be removed immediately so as not to upset customers. While removing some obviously malicious or unhelpful ones makes sense, it doesn’t make sense to remove ALL of them. And why would we? If you take into account how much effort goes into writing even one bad review — effort that most people are willing to spend — then you realize how valuable each single review can be when examined in its entirety. What do reviewers really want?: Before we dive into what these bad reviews say about our businesses, it’s important to understand what they really want. People who write bad reviews have three primary goals: 1) To vent their frustration 2) To warn others 3) To get something free (or at least at a discount). All three of these goals are legitimate, which is why it is important for us to consider them before responding to any negative review(s). Let’s look at each goal individually: 1) Venting Frustration: Many times people will write a bad review simply because they are frustrated with something about your business. Whether that frustration comes from poor customer service or an issue with an order, sometimes there isn’t anything you can do about it. The best way to handle these types of complaints is to respond politely by saying I’m sorry you had a frustrating experience and leave it at that. Don’t try to argue or defend yourself here, just acknowledge their frustrations and move on. 2) Warning Others: This second type of reviewer wants other potential customers to know about his/her negative experience so they don’t end up making similar mistakes themselves. As long as your response shows genuine concern for future customers’ well-being without being defensive, you’ll find that most reviewers will appreciate your honesty and change their review accordingly. 3) Getting Something Free/Discounted: The third type of reviewer wants either a free product or discount code in exchange for changing his/her original review from negative to positive.


How buying bad reviews helps your business

Have you ever searched for your business and found bad reviews? Customers often complain that negative reviews can actually be beneficial. For example, if someone posted about how terrible your customer service was but followed it up with but overall I like their product, it might not be so bad after all. It’s just one person’s opinion, and in some cases could even convince people to buy from you instead of that other guy who has a perfect 5-star rating. If your competitor has more positive reviews than you do, consider buying fake bad reviews to match them.


Does it get you into trouble?

You might have heard that Google doesn’t take kindly to paid reviews. While paid reviews—even ones from legit reviewers—are illegal, buy bad reviews on google isn’t necessarily an issue for your business. Google isn’t going to penalize you for buying fake or bad reviews, because it doesn’t look down upon positive feedback (or at least real-seeming positive feedback). The review platform is designed to give users trustworthy information about companies and services so they can make smart decisions when deciding where to spend their money. Sure, some people feel like there are too many reviews out there and others may want to avoid them entirely, but they actually make it easier for customers to find businesses they know are credible.


What it takes to create an account and start buying reviews

A bad review, in and of itself, is nothing to worry about. First, some background information: Most search results on Google (and other sites) include reviews posted by people who have used or purchased products from businesses—both good and bad. The companies that show up at the top of search results are determined by an algorithm that considers their popularity (page rank), as well as how many positive and negative reviews they have. If you’re smart about buying online reviews, you can make sure your business appears in more of those search results.


Marketing yourself

If you’re looking to expand your business beyond where it is today, it’s time to seriously consider online marketing. Your business might be great in your local area, but what happens when more people start buying from Amazon than from stores down your street? It’s time to tap into a bigger market. The question is: how do you market yourself? One solution can be found through Google. Just buy fake bad reviews on Google and watch as they turn into positive reviews! This strategy works best if you already have several satisfied customers; once you begin buying bad reviews, some of those people will begin telling others about their experience with your company. Take advantage of these unofficial recommendations—and make sure that every customer gets personal attention every time they contact you!


The negative effect of bad reviews from competitors

We’ve all heard and read about bad reviews. They’re just like that one friend you have in high school who makes you feel bad about yourself, but will only tell you when no one else is around. That’s exactly what your competition’s negative reviews do to your business. They’re hidden from view, they make themselves seem superior to you, and they can tear down potential customers’ perception of your business. In today’s competitive market, it’s more important than ever to portray an image of perfection; however, at times that can be impossible and in turn leave us vulnerable for attacks from our competition. Now is not time to fear—buy bad reviews on google!


Buying good reviews can be expensive, but well worth it

In general, buying positive reviews is more cost-effective. The reason is that it’s a lot easier to get people to say good things about you than to get them to say bad things. Why? Because not only are positive reviews cheaper, but also people are less likely to check for them in search results anyway. When a person looks at your website or product, they want some kind of reassurance that what they’re getting will be worth their money and time—even if they aren’t exactly sure what it will be yet.


Where to look for people who can help you with this?

That depends. If you have an established business with an existing customer base, it might be easier to ask satisfied customers to write reviews for you. On the other hand, if you’re building a new brand or don’t have any business presence yet, hiring freelancers who work on micro-jobs sites like Fiverr may be your best bet. You can also consider working with SEO specialists who know how to boost ratings and improve search engine visibility by working off-page factors like links from well-known influencers and press coverage. Whatever your choice, make sure that whoever you hire actually understands what they’re doing and isn’t just spamming Google with dozens of fake 5-star reviews—because if they are, that’ll likely hurt your own reputation more than it helps!


Final advice before taking action

Just like you wouldn’t believe everything you read online, you shouldn’t believe everything you hear. Before buying bad reviews, it’s important to understand why your business is getting negative reviews in first place. Make sure there isn’t anything inherently wrong with your business or product before trying to buy bad reviews. Remember that good news doesn’t sell itself – unless it is backed up by solid data and evidence (such as positive reviews) and not just a gut feeling or past experiences! When faced with negative reviews, don’t give up or lose hope. Figure out what can be done to turn things around and improve.


Why You Should Buy Bad Google Reviews from GBPreviewer


Why should you buy bad reviews on google from us? You may be wondering why you should trust some website that no one has ever heard of to provide you with positive Google reviews in exchange for your hard-earned money. Your concern is totally justified, but the answer couldn’t be simpler: We offer the best service and have the best Google reviews because we do what others don’t. Here are some reasons why we think we’re better than our competitors and why you should buy bad Google reviews from us.


Exclusive service

When you choose to buy bad reviews on google from us, you get our unique service that sets us apart from every other website. For one thing, we guarantee all our products, meaning if there’s a problem with your order and it isn’t up to our high standards, we will refund your money immediately. In addition to quality products and customer satisfaction guarantee, we also give users a reason to trust us. We don’t take any personal information such as email addresses or names – instead, all of our clients are referred by another satisfied customer who can vouch for their experience with us. This way they know they are dealing with professionals that respect privacy and only want their business!


We guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied

If you are not happy with our product or service, simply let us know and we’ll refund your payment. No questions asked. We have a 100% money back guarantee, which means if you’re not satisfied with our work, then we won’t ask for any of your money! If you choose to use us – one of our most popular services – then we will refund half of your money in case you are not completely happy with what we deliver for you. This means that when you sign up for our service, there is zero risk and no danger at all.


The majority of our clients come back for more

Our clients don’t just buy bad reviews on google from us once. They come back for more and more and more. Why? Because we provide them with natural-looking, organic, human reviews that look like they were made by customers who are actually happy with their products. This is what our clients want and it’s why they keep coming back for more. That’s why if you try to make your own bad google reviews, you will get banned very quickly – because no one wants to see artificial reviews on their page that just seem fake.


Our Google reviews are permanent

Each of our reviews is indexed by Google as a permanent profile, not just as a temporary listing. This means that once we submit your review to Google, it will be visible in search results for years. Our customers report receiving traffic from their recent reviews for at least 4-5 years after purchase, making these profiles some of our most valuable products. We don’t believe in posting or producing temporary or throwaway reviews. Quality over quantity!


This service is anonymous

By using GBPreviewer, you are guaranteed complete anonymity. There is no way to trace purchases back to individual users. All of our products are either made-to-order or designed to look hand written. For further peace of mind, we don’t take credit cards or charge your account unless you explicitly agree that we can do so. With all of these measures in place, you will never have anything to worry about. Because every order is unique and different from each other, there is no way to determine which reviews come from where and who wrote them. This makes it so much easier for us to maintain your privacy and guarantee discretion when necessary.


We have an outstanding reputation among review providers. We provide the top notch results on the market!

* There are a number of reasons why you should choose our service:

* 1. Support 24/7 – we always stand behind you and your reviews.

* 2. Very few competitors on gbpreviewer, so none of them could hijack your campaign!

* 3. Everyone needs a product and we offer quality services at affordable prices.

* 4. A product can only be seen when it has positive reviews, so people know about it more often than without.

* 5. We guarantee that all reviewers will be real people and write honest comments about your products.

* 6. All reviewers will be checked before being assigned to an order – thus guaranteeing customer satisfaction!

* 7. Our system checks for plagiarism in each review; any plagiarized content will get rejected.

* 8. Each reviewer is unique and you will receive reports with their names, email addresses, IP addresses etc.

* 9. We do not require any information from you to complete your order – we don’t even need a website or other contact details.

* 10. You may cancel or modify your orders anytime – there is no additional fee for doing so.

* 11. You may cancel or modify your orders anytime – there is no additional fee for doing so.

* 12. You won’t have to wait long until you see results! Your first batch of reviews can be completed within just one day after placing an order with us!

* 13. We provide flexible discounts depending on how many reviews you want to buy.

* 14. The price per review depends solely on how many followers a given reviewer has.* 15. On average, buying 50+ reviews costs less than $4 per review (compared to $5-$10 per review). Why pay more? Get better results for less money with us!

* 16. Our customers agree that we’re simply #1 when it comes to providing high-quality service and support.

* 17. We deliver amazing results every time – over 95% of customers who used our services say they would recommend us to others!

Thank you very much for reading our offer letter!


Our service is totally legal, even though it may seem like it’s not. It’s time to get rid of your competitors with a few clicks and boost your ratings with proven review providers around the globe.

Let me guess, you own a small business that only started getting some real traction in your local area. One day, a competitor is brought to your attention and you’re instantly on edge because he’s beating you out for all of your potential customers. Well, before you decide to go to war against them with nasty business tactics and aggressive marketing campaigns, here’s what you should do. Improve your customer service: Treating your customers poorly will destroy any business over time. This isn’t just an opinion either; there are tons of studies that prove how badly treating people can backfire on you in everything from sales and conversions to other things like word-of-mouth marketing and customer loyalty.



If you’re looking for a way to elevate your reputation through a word-of-mouth marketing campaign, Google reviews are an amazing asset. However, if you buy fake reviews and they get caught (which they will) all of your efforts are going to waste. This is why we take great care to ensure every review we create is 100% real and authentic. We never purchase reviews or ask for fake ones—we believe in providing our clients with stellar service that makes their return on investment worthwhile! So if you’re looking for a company that can deliver, then give us a try today!


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